circle-square-triangle This image is actual size, has a 5 pixel border, and a 20 pixel horizontal space. It uses an alt modifier with a name of 'circle-square-triangle ' so that when the user turns image downloading off, the name will show where the image should be. It is aligned on the left allowing text to be next to it. We use the 'br clear="all"' break tag to stop the text from being on the right of the image.
This text is after the 'br' break tag. If you have trouble making the image not appear, it may be because the image is already in cache. If it is already in cache, it will appear even if images are turned off.

The next page will show tiling. It takes the image from the previous page, carved.gif, and creates a tiled background. Some browsers do not print the background image. Now try the next example tiling of the background.

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