The horizontal line, called "horizontal rule", can be used to divide the page into logical sections. Below is a horizontal line.
The size of the horizontal rule line can be changed by specifying its height and width using the size= and width = options. The line below is taller but not as wide as the previous one.
The paragraph tag creates space between paragraphs and is used to end a paragaph. If you enter text that is longer than the width of the screen, the browser will format that text for you on the screen, placing new lines at the correct point so that it forms a paragraph. There is a paragraph tag at the end of this paragraph.

When you write HTML, you can use the enter key to create space between lines in the HTML source. The Browser will throw these away, but the HTML source will be easier to read. There are 5 "enter"s before the next paragraph tag, and the browser throws them away.

If large spaces are used within an HTML document such as (using the space key), the HTML browser will delete the extra spaces (past the first one). These spaces, however, may make the HTML source easier to read and it is no problem for the browser to throw them away.

There are 3 types of lists that are used in HTML. "Unordered Lists", "Ordered Lists", and "Definition Lists".

Unordered List

Ordered List

  1. within an ordered list are items - List Item 1
  2. these items are given numbers - here is List Item 2
  3. here is List Item 3
Definition List

A definition term - such as Apple
A red colored sweet fruit with names such as Rome or Macintosh.
Another definition term - Orange
An orange colored citrus fruit grown in Orange County.
  • It can have bullits too - Banana
  • A yellow colored fruit grown in South America.

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