Text modifiers

This line is bold
This line is italicized
This line is blinking

Other modifiers are used by various browsers. But, those above are very consistent. Some of the following text tags work on some browsers, and some tags work on other browsers. As of this writin, they are not very consistant.

Some of the other modifiers are:

  • Emphasis - Usually ends up as Italics
  • Strikethrough - This should have strike through
  • Strong Emphasis - Usually ends up as bold
  • Subscript - This should be down a little from the line of text
  • Superscript - This should be up a little from the line of text
  • Typewriter Text - Typewriter text font
  • Underlined - This should be underlined
  • Keyboard - This is keyboard text
  • Code - This is code example
  • Samp - This is samp example
  • Var - Used to show a variable
  • Dfn - Used to highlight a word
  • Cite - A short quote
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