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PerTel Communications, Inc.
PO Box 4743
Mission Viejo, CA 92691
Voice: 949-830-2092            FAX: 949-916-5722        Email: bill@pertel.com

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Desktop Support
XP, Vista, Windows 7...We have been supporting these and earlier Operating Systems for over 10 years.


Word Help
Microsoft Office 97, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2010. We have been supporting all the various versions for over a decade.


Quickbooks/Quicken Help
This is a great series of programs from 2000 through 2010. The small business owner has many views of his or her company with this software. We can assist with some issues and have great resources to refer out if you exceed our knowledge on it.

Excel Help
What a marvellous program. We only use about 15% of Excel's capabilities. If you have need to do something more with Excel, we would be glad to assist.


E-Mail is how business gets done today. We have setup hundreds of email accounts and assisted with POP, SMTP, IMAP and webmail issues. We can setup an email domain for you like myname@mydomain.com or just assist you with setting up a free Gmail or other account.

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PerTel Communications, Inc.
949-830-2092 Voice
949-916-5722 Fax
PO Box 4743
Mission Viejo, CA 92690

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