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The purpose of this string of pages is to help you with HTML programming questions. An approach that works well is to look at HTML as it is displayed by a browser and compare that to the HTML source code.

It is easier to start with simple examples in order to see what the HTML source is doing on the browser screen. Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer are the most popular browsers in use today with Mosaic in third place. All three of these browsers are readily available to users of the internet.

We recommend that you print out both the browser screen and the HTML source code in order to compare them and be able to make notes of what you see happening.

PerTel would be glad to assist you with your own web site programming, image scanning and construction. If you have programming problems you cannot resolve we would like to assist you with those too. Please mail or email us at our address below for a formal quote.

Our next page will give you a menu with a number of examples that you can use for training in HTML. Click here for MENU.

There are dozens of books available at bookstores that will help you learn HTML programming. One that we have used is named "Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML in 14 Days" by Laura Lemay. Many of the self-help books have a CD rom included that expand on the text of the book. There was such a CD in the book we used.

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