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These examples should be printed out two ways for study. First, browse each page using your browser (we recommend Netscape). Then print the page out from your browser with the following command sequence "File" "Print". Next (still in your browser), use the command sequence "File" "Save As..." and save the file in a directory you have already created for HTML study. Using any word processor, load the saved HTML file and print it out. You now have both the source and display (browse) versions of the file for studying.

Filename Description of file
htmlsmal.htm This is the smallest HTML file that is properly formatted. Please note when viewing this file that the title in the browser is the same as the title defined in the HTML source between the "title" and "/title" tags.
htmlhdr.htm This file shows the use of headers. You will use headers to create titles and sub-titles. Headers not only create bold type of various sizes, but also force space above and below them.
htmllist.htm This file shows the horizontal rule, paragraph formatting, "space bar" handling, "enter key" handling, and various methods of producing lists.
htmltext.htm This file shows the use of text modifiers such as "bold", "italics", and many others.
htmlmeta.htm This file describes the use of the "meta" tag.
htmltabl.htm This file describes the use of the "table" tag.
htmllnks.htm Links are what make the Internet work. They are called by many names such as Hot Links and Hyper Links. They can be used within the same document, within the same directory on a server, between directories on a server, or to the far reaches of the internet around the world. This file shows you how to create links on your web page.
htmlimg1.htm This file describes the use of colored backgrounds. You can choose from thousands of solid colors for the background of a page. Then we begin to work with images and thumbnails of images.
htmlimg2.htm This file contains more on images with text wrapping around an image.
htmltile.htm This file contains a very interesting visual delimma using tiling of a background image. As you program background images it is important to keep contrast in mind. It is also important to test your programming after each change.

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