Color backgrounds and Images

The background of this page is using 'FFFFFF' which makes the background white.

Background colors are specified in the 'body' tag with the 'bgcolor="xxxxxx"' modifier by a number in the range of 000000 to FFFFFF. Use of a color chart is very helpful in selecting colors. Some color conversions are as follows:

These numbers use the hexidecimal numbering system and count from decimal zero to almost 17,000,000.

Notice that there seems to be 3 separate areas in this background color number: 'aabbcc'. aa sets the intensity of the red crt gun, bb sets the intensity of the green crt gun, and cc sets the intensity of the blue crt gun. The crt gun is inside the computer monitor and is the hardware that actually makes the color on your monitor screen.

Each CRT gun can have from 00 to FF hexidecimal settings. This, in decimal is 0 to 255 different intensities of each gun. Allowing this many intensities allows great flexibility in the creating of color images and displaying color photographs.

Images can be placed in a page by the use of the 'IMG SRC="image.gif"'. Here is an example of this

This is a thumbnail of a larger picture

Here is the actual image size. This image is 100 x 100 pixels.

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